City Administrator

The City Administrator is appointed by the City Council to administer the day to day business of the City and to implement policies set by the Council. The Administrator is responsible for directing and coordinating the work of all city departments, recommends the appointment and dismissal of all City Department heads (except as otherwise provided by City Charter), and is the appointing authority for all subordinate employees.

In addition, the City Administrator provides administrative and policy support to the City Council and keeps the Council and public advised of the affairs, financial condition, and future needs of the City. The Administrator is also responsible for preparing and submitting a recommended budget, for oversight and management of the annual budget, ensuring that all laws and ordinances are enforced, and that the provisions of all franchises, leases, contracts, permits and privileges granted by the City are observed.

It is the mission of the City Administrator’s Office to implement the policies established by the City Council, recommend cost effective alternatives for providing City services and meeting community needs, and provide general management and oversight for the operation of all other City departments. It is the further mission of the City Administrator’s Office to provide financial accountability to the City Council and the residents of the City of Woodburn.