Alvah Cowan Park

Alvah Cowan Park is located on the corner of Settlemier Avenue and Garfield Street and was recently adopted by the Settlemier Knott Garden Society.  The Society initiated a beautification project in summer 2013 that spruced up the flower beds and added new perennials and flowers. This spring, the diseased roses were replaced, boxwood hedges were planted and invasive ivy was removed from the Park’s trees during an Earth Day event. Upcoming projects include the installation of a new bench, additional plants and a plaque honoring the late Alvah Cowan, Woodburn’s first Park Superintendent.

This project was a true community effort involving countless hours from a large number of volunteers. The Society would like to thank those who have participated, including Patricia Hyatt, Ellen & Bob Bandelow, Boys & Girls Club, Colin Brown, Noah Carlson, Sharon Corning, Vi Cutler, Catherine Feeney, Gevin Gregory, Kay McEwen, LDS Church, Johnny Perdue, Michel Te, Jonas Te, Donna Wood and the Youth Advisory Board. Volunteers are still needed to participate in small monthly maintenance activities at the Park. Individuals who are interested in getting involved with this ongoing project can email Patricia Hyatt at   

The Park was named by a Council Resolution in 1984, recognizing Mr. Cowan’s accomplishments and years of service to the community, particularly in the area of recreation and parks. The park’s original name was Triangle Park, which, along with Settlemier Park, was one of Woodburn's first two parks.

Woodburn’s history is littered with citizen involvement which makes the City a better place to live.  This group of volunteers has really improved the park, and through their initiative, has made it one of the truly great gems of Woodburn.

To read the 1984 resolution on renaming the park Alvah Cowan Park, click here.