Business Registration and Taxi Permit Requirements/Information


All businesses operating within Woodburn city limits must obtain a Business Registration Certificate.

Please review Municipal Code Chapter 8-11 for more information on the Business Registration Ordinance. This ordinance does not reflect any additional requirements from the state or county.

Business Registration

The fee for home occupation businesses is $25 per year. The fee for all other Businesses is $50 per year & transfers of ownership must be accompanied by a $20 fee. Failure to submit applications by the required dates will subject the applicant to a delinquency charge.

For Change of Address, Change of Ownership, or Change of business location, please use the same form and check the appropriate checkbox. Submit to the City as soon as possible. Business owners are responsible for updating the Finance Department staff of any changes in mailing addresses, business location, or other pertinent information. You can email us at or our fax number is 503-982-5244.


New Ordinance Gives Homeowners More Protection

At the April 9, 2018, City Council meeting, the City Council amended Solicitation Ordinance No. 2545 to provide greater clarity to solicitors on how they can legally operate in Woodburn.

Solicitation Ordinance No. 2545 made it illegal to solicit between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. and at all residences where a "No Soliciting" sign is posted. The Solicitation Ordinance is legally defensible and, at the same time, provides Woodburn residents who chose not to be contacted by door-to-door solicitors the maximum amount of assistance that is legally possible. Residents who wish to not be contacted by solicitors must post a "No Soliciting" sign. Solicitors who attempt to make contact despite the sign, can be cited for violation of the ordinance.

Residents concerned about unwanted solicitors on their property can call the Woodburn Police Department at 503-982-2345.

To view the amended ordinance, click here.

Here are some FAQs regarding the new ordinance.

Taxi Permits

All taxi companies and drivers must have a permit issued by the City of Woodburn (ord. 2464). Printed applications are also available at City Hall. 

All taxicab companies must obtain required permits and hire qualified drivers:

All taxicab drivers must obtain appropriate permits before operating a taxi: