City Hall Relocation

970 Cascade Dr City Hall

Project Overview

City Hall has moved from its permanent location while it undergoes a significant repair and renovation project this winter and spring. During the project, City Hall and all of its services have been moved to a temporary location at 970 N. Cascade Dr. It is a very visible facility located at the intersection of Hwy 214 and Cascade Dr. All current services being provided at the Montgomery City Hall location will be provided at the Cascade Temporary City Hall location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the relocation already taken place?

Yes.  City Hall is now located at 970 N. Cascade Dr. 

How long will the relocation last?

The project should take 5-6 months to complete.  Therefore, we expect City Hall to move back to its original location sometime in summer 2019.

What address should I sent mail to?

Please continue to send mail to 270 Montgomery St!  The post office is aware that we are moving and will ensure that all mail is hand delivered to our temporary location.  Please DO NOT send mail directly to the 970 N. Cascade Dr. address.

How do I get to the new City Hall location from the City Hall located on Montgomery St?

You can get online Google Maps driving directions by clicking Online Version or printable directions by clicking Printable Version

Where do I park at the new location?

The temporary location has a parking lot with 42 spaces. If the lot is full, on street parking is available along Cascade Dr.

Where do I go to pay my utility bill in person?

You can pay your utility bill at the temporary City Hall, located at 970 N. Cascade Dr.  After hours payments can be made in the utility payments drop slot near the Finance department entrance at the temporary location.

Where do I go for my municipal court appearance?

Municipal Court (appearances, payments, etc.) will be conducted at the temporary City Hall, located at 970 N. Cascade Dr.  (Appearances, payments, etc.)

Where do I go to get a building permit?

Please go to the temporary City Hall, located at 970 N. Cascade Dr. for building permits.  

Where will City Council and Planning Commission meetings be held?

Unless otherwise announced, City Council and Planning Commission meetings will be held at the Woodburn Police Department's community room.

Will Aquatics, Library, Police Department or any other City provided departments be moving as well?

Only City Hall and its current services will be moving to the temporary location.

Why is the relocation occurring?

The relocation is occurring to repair some long over due maintenance needed at the Montgomery City Hall location. For a full list of repairs being done, please refer to the Primary Project Components section below.

What services will be available at the temporary City Hall?

Every service available at the current City Hall facility will be available at the temporary location, including accepting utility bill payments, building permits, business licenses, parks and recreation program information, municipal court, etc.

Primary Project Components

  • Replacing the end of life HVAC system with one that is much more energy efficient
  • Replacing the central roofing section, which has been the source of significant leaks in recent years
  • ADA improvements to restrooms, public service counters, drinking fountain
  • Seismic improvements
  • Council Chambers updates
  • Improvements to building security
  • Re-configuring Finance and Community Development counters to improve customer service
  • Re-configuring existing space to provide additional employee work areas


Pre-defined directions

Directions from City Hall: Online Version | Printable Version

Directions from Police Department: Online Version | Printable Version

Directions from Aquatic: Online Version | Printable Version

Directions from Public Library: Online Version | Printable Version


Give us a call at 503-982-5256 or send us an email at with any questions or concerns.