Public Arts and Mural Committee



The Woodburn City Council/Urban Renewal Agency established the Public Arts and Mural Program with the goal of guiding the development of a Public Arts and Mural Master Plan and introducing policy recommendations for public art and murals in Woodburn.

Program Mission Statement

The Woodburn Public Arts and Mural Program will facilitate the creation, placement and funding of public art projects that inspire and delight the visitors and community members of Woodburn.

Purpose and Intent

It is intended that works of public art will enliven public space, promote identity and sense of place, and contribute to a vibrant and engaging community. The Public Arts and Mural Program goals for Woodburn will be a transparent public process for commissioning and acquiring art for public viewing.  This Program will also contribute to the economic vitality of Woodburn and be integral to its livability.

City of Woodburn Public Arts and Mural Program Guidelines

Public Arts and Mural Ordinance 2555

Public Arts and Mural Application

For More Information Contact:

  • Chris Kerr, Community Development Director  

​           Phone: 503-980-2445   |   E-mail:                                      

  • Jamie Johnk, Economic Development Director     

           Phone: 503-980-6319   |   E-mail:

Public Art Mural Committee Position Term Expires

Sharon Schaub

Chair 12/2019
Colleen Vancil Vice Chair 12/2019
Merri Berlin Member 12/2019

Mary Beth Cornwell

Member 12/2021
Christine Lopez Member 12/2019
Sharon Corning Member 12/2021
Brenda Valentin-Bravo Member 12/2021
Judy Massaia Member 12/2021
Kristi St. Amant Member 12/2021

 If you are interested in becoming a member of the Mural Committee, please complete the Committee/Board Application.