Start a Business in Woodburn


Have questions about starting a business in Woodburn or relocating here? Contact our Economic Development Department at (503) 980-6319.

Step 1: Before You Start  

The State of Oregon's Corporation Division provides information on which business structure is right for your business, and also handles registration. 

Step 2:  Name Your Business

Check the State of Oregon Business Registry database for name availability. The State's Central Business Registry assists with registering your business in Oregon.

Step 3: Select Your Location

Economic and Development Services Department can help with zoning questions, and assist you in find the perfect spot.

Step 4: Obtain Registrations and Associated Permits

Business Registration is required for any individual, partnership, corporation, or sole proprietorship in Woodburn. Other licenses and permits may be required, depending on your business type.

Step 5: Understand Your Tax Obligations

The Oregon Department of Revenue provides information about Oregon and federal income taxes for businesses.

Step 6: Obtain City Permits

Contact our Economic and Development Services Department to find out which permits your small business may need.

Step 7: Open Your Doors

See our Business Resources page to find information on how to make your business successful.  Businesses located in Woodburn's Urban Renewal District may receive additional financing.