Councilors Cox, McCallum Will Be Missed

On Monday we said goodbye to a pair of long-running Woodburn City Councilors, Pete McCallum and Jim Cox. Together, they have 25 years of experience on the council, and that will be missed. Councilor McCallum has been on the council since he was appointed in 2001 and has been Council President since 2008. Councilor Cox was first elected in 2002.

Both Jim and Pete have played pivotal roles in the transformation of Woodburn. They have been steadfast in their efforts to see a new interchange built, which is now happening. They wanted to see a greenway started, which it has. They wanted to tackle the development ordinance and get rid of many of the nuisance signs and buildings that are no longer a part of Woodburn. They also played vital roles in helping the community heal in the aftermath of Dec. 12, 2008 bank bombing.

They were instrumental in bringing me here back in 2008. And they have helped me grow as a city administrator, and they have challenged me to always strive to be better. For that, and their service, I want to thank them both.

The residents of Woodburn elected two new councilors to replace them: Robert Carney (Ward 3) and Sharon Schaub (Ward 4), both of whom I am excited to work with. I think they bring new energy and excitement to the council.

We ask a lot from our local elected volunteers with very little given in return. Often, their good work and accomplishments go unrecognized while criticism, both fair and unfair, flows much too easily. Without the efforts of those willing to take on the responsibility of service to others, we would not enjoy the high quality of life and public amenities we have in Woodburn.

When you see Councilors Cox and McCallum out in the community, please go up to them and shake their hands, and thank them for a job well done. They deserve it.

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