North Front Street Tree Maintenance Pruning Project

City of Woodburn is seeking bids to prune 60 Trees (27 Bowhall Maples along the West side of Front Street, 32 Cambridge Pears on side streets, and one (1) Black Walnut tree at the SW quadrant of Oak Street and Front Street).  Street Trees are in need of some crown lifting and canopy thinning. Crown canopy lifting will need to be done because branches are growing into business awnings and canopies, therefore the crown should be raised to be at least 10ft above the sidewalk and 15ft above the street. All work shall be completed 35 calendar days from the dated “notice to proceed”. If you have any questions please contact George Kuznetsov, City of Woodburn Public Works, at 503-980-2407 or email at


Request for Quotes - N. Front Street Tree Maintenance Pruning