Eric Liljequist Hired as Public Works Director

After undergoing a rigorous recruiting and interview process, which included two rounds of interviews, the City has hired a full time public works director in Eric Liljequist.

“I am pleased to announce Eric Liljequist as the City of Woodburn’s next Public Works Director. Eric has many years of service with the City, bringing with him an easy-to-approach problem solving style, the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and a genuine commitment to our staff and the entire Woodburn community,” said Woodburn City Administrator Scott Derickson. “I believe Eric is the right leader at the right time to help move the City forward.”

Former director Randy Scott retired in October 2016 and after the first round of applicants didn’t net someone, Derickson continued with Liljequist as interim director.

After being on the job for a year, Liljequist decided to apply when the process was opened a second time. He was one of two finalists who went through a three-panel interview. He said he didn’t feel ready when the first process was announced.

“I didn’t apply for the position during the first interview process because I had only been the acting Public Works Director for a few months and was not certain that I could fully implement all required job functions, including important duties such as completing a full fiscal year budget cycle and interacting effectively with the City Council,” he said. “I found that I could successfully execute the required job functions and achieved tremendous professional fulfillment in performing the full duties of the director position. Therefore, I applied for the position when the second opportunity arose, realizing that is was an outstanding opportunity.”

Liljequist has worked here since June 2008 when he was hired as assistant City engineer. He was promoted to City engineer in 2014. Prior to working in Woodburn, he was at the City of Hillsboro where he was a project manager in the water department.

He is a native Oregonian, born and raised in Salem before graduating from Oregon State University with a civil engineering degree in 1991.

He has been married for 26 years and has three children, two sons and a daughter. His daughter was just commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.

His family loves the outdoors. They go hiking and have occasionally enjoyed cross country skiing. They are also a musical family and he enjoys playing the piano.

Liljequist said being promoted to a job where he knows everyone he works with is a great situation.

“It’s the perfect scenario because not only do I have good relationships with City staff, but I have the historical knowledge of our public works processes, which will facilitate effective and productive execution of the required job tasks,” he said.

He said eventually he would like to hire a City Engineer so he can focus on the overall duties of managing the public works department.

The final step for Liljequist’s appointment will be the City Council’s ratification, which is scheduled during its upcoming Dec. 11 City Council meeting.

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