Planning Commission


The Planning Commission is an advisory body to the Woodburn City Council. The Commission meets every second and fourth Thursday in the Council Chambers at 7:00 p.m. The seven Planning Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor. The Planning Commission reviews certain applications during public hearings for compliance with standards and guidelines as part of making land use decisions. The Planning Commission also provides the City Council with recommendations and suggestions regarding planning-related issues, including text changes to the Comprehensive Plan and/or the Woodburn Development Ordinance.

The Commission is also the decision-making body for Type-III Applications such as:

  • Design Review
  • Conditional Use
  • Subdivision
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD)
  • Variance
  • Street Exception

Our current Planning Commissioners are:

Position Name Term Expiration
I Ronald Aiken 12/20
II Wassa Dos Reis 12/19
III Charles Piper 12/19
IV Ellen Bandelow 12/20
V Sharon Corning 12/19
VI Merri Berlin 12/18
VII Chris Lassen 12/19

If you are interested in serving on one of the City's Boards or Commissions, please fill out the application form offered below and return the completed form to the City Administrator's Office at 270 Montgomery Street. When a position opens up, the Mayor will review the applications on file to select an appropriate replacement.

This facility is ADA accessible. If you need special accommodation, please contact the City Recorder at 503-980-6318 at least 24 hours prior to this meeting.