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A look at Hazelnut Drive and why we used the chip seal technique


The road improvements the City did to Hazelnut Drive were not popular by some people who lived in that area. I get it. The City’s lack of road maintenance funding has forced alternative means of addressing our street repair program. The depletion of these resources over time might be the subject of a future blog.

Prescription drug problems being addressed

You may have heard about the spike in number of heroin-related deaths around the state last spring, which led to increased awareness of the link between prescription drug abuse and Heroin addiction.  In the wake of this, the Marion County Public Safety Coordinating Council (PSCC), which both Woodburn City Councilor Pete McCallum and Woodburn Police Chief Scott Russell serve on, is helping to organize a concerted effort to reduce the abuse of prescription drugs within Marion County.  Especially targeted are opiates including Oxycontin, Oxycodone and Valium.

Woodburn library expands Spanish-language collection

Woodburn Public Library Manager John Hunter had another successful trip to the International Book Fair (FIL) in Guadalajara, Mexico to purchase new Spanish-language materials for the library’s collection. John spent approximately $5,500 on nonfiction, popular fiction, DVDs and audio books. This amount represents approximately 90 percent of the library’s annual adult foreign language budget.

Looking at the feasibility of passenger rail service between Portland and Eugene


The state of Oregon is looking at the best options for improving passenger rail service between Eugene and Portland, and eventually along the entire West Coast. The state is currently studying options for improved passenger rail service. The study area includes the segment between the Columbia River in the Portland urban area and the Eugene-Springfield urban area.

Citizens have benefitted from increased Transit hours

Welcome to my new blog! This is part of the City’s effort to provide better online information to the public via our newly-designed website. I’ll be positing thoughts, stories and various tidbits of community interest here with some regularity. So without delay, here’s my first spot providing the latest update on the City’s transit program.

City of Woodburn's New Website

Welcome to the City of Woodburn’s new website!

This website was created in response to the City Council’s desire to make better use of technology to improve communications with the public.   


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