Permits / Programs / References



​   Storm Drainage Master Plan Chapters 7 and 11



Public Works Department

  • Drinking Water Section (503) 982-5380: Backflow Device Testing, Cross-Connection, Meter Reading, Water Flushing/Testing, Water Main Problems on ROW, Treatment Plants.
  • Maintenance Division (503) 982-5236:  Report a Fallen Tree in the ROW or street, Dead Animal; Leaf Program; Christmas Tree Recycling Program; Park and Grounds Maintenance; Fleet/Facility issues.
  • Engineering Division (503)982-5241:  ROW Tree Removal, City Projects, ROW permits, Maps, and Bid/RFP Documents.
  • Administration Division (503) 982-5240: Career/Job Shadowing; Community Outreach, Event Partnerships and P/W Press Releases.
  • Wastewater (503) 982-5284: RV Dump, Commercial & Industrial waste

Other City Departments

  • Finance Department (503)982-5222:  Payments/Billing, Start-up/Turn-off Services, Leak issues, Leak Adjustments, Water/Sewer Usage,  Business License
  • Code Enforcement (503) 982-2345:  Lost/loose pet, abandoned vehicles, complaints about garbage, graffiti, tall grass, too many vehicles on a property.
  • Planning/Building (503)982-5246:  Permits for: Private Property Tree(s) , Land Use, Building, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical; Development Ordinance; Vision Clearance Areas; Signs/Signage, Planning Commission meetings.
  • Transit Division (503) 982-5233: City Buses, Dial-A-Ride, Salem CARTS, Canby CATS, and SilverTrolly.

Utility Services:

  • PGE (503) 464-7777:  Start-up Services; Street Light Out 800-544-1795, 3; Limbs on a Power Line 800-544-1794
  • NW Natural (503) 585-6611: Natural Gas Services
  • Allied Waste (503)981-1278:  Trash/Recycle Services