Urban Renewal


Urban renewal is a program to help Oregon cities and counties renew areas within each city's boundaries. Urban renewal and tax increment financing are ways for local governments to focus investments on a particular area in order to bring about public and private upgrades.

The public upgrades include infrastructure such as streets, roadway improvements, sidewalks, utilities, public spaces, or plazas. These upgrades address declining areas, provide incentives to attract business and housing, build streets, and utilities, address traffic flow and public safety, and support private investment in the area.

Urban Renewal Map

Urban Renewal Plan

Woodburn Downtown Development Plan

Urban Renewal Agency Annual Report


Urban Renewal Grant & Loan Program

The City of Woodburn's Grant and Loan Program offers business and property owners in Urban Renewal Grant and Loan District, an unparalleled opportunity to remodel and repair their properties. The program is designed to provide 3:1 (or 25%) matching funds for exterior ($10,000) and interior ($5,000) improvements to properties located in the Urban Renewal Grant and Loan District. The program also provides loan funds ($25,000) to further these same improvements.  

Grant and Loan Application Packet (English)

Solicitud de Subvenciones y Préstamos (Español)

Large Renovation Grants $50,0000

Large Renovation Grants offer property and business owners the opportunity to complete large renovation projects to commercial and mixed-use properties located in downtown Woodburn.  These grants provide a match of the applicant’s private investment in the project to significantly increase the scale and benefit of the improvements.  Large Renovation Grants may range between $10,000 and $50,000 in matching funds.

Large Renovation Grant Application

Large Renovation Grant Policy and Procedures

Design and Development Services Program

This program provides $3,000 worth of design services through a City-contracted architect for downtown property owners interested in redeveloping or improving their properties.  These services may be used for:

  • Drafted or rendered illustrations of possible storefront improvements or internal tenant improvements
  • Examples of architectural details, such as lighting, furniture, and other items
  • A basic cost analysis for redevelopment options

Interested downtown property owners pay a small application fee ($50) and then work with City staff and an architect to define a scope of work.  The architect gathers building information, manages subcontractors as needed, and develops a report for the property owners.  The intent of the program is to assist property owners to overcome the initial hurdle of redevelopment and to encourage better architectural design in the downtown area.

Additional funds ($3,000) for exceptional historic buildings are available on a case-by-case basis. 

Design Services Application (English)