Opioids Epidemic

Chief, DA Pen Open Letter

Opioids, including prescription painkillers, have become real weapons of mass destruction. Without immediate and bold action, Oregon will soon experience greater devastation to life and family.

The facts are astonishing. More than 64,000 people died from drug overdoses in the United States in 2016. That is 175 people dead per day, most under the fatal grip of opioids

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TSP Updates

Transportation System Plan

The public is invited to participate in the process by sharing ideas and thoughts here from Feb. 21 to March 18 in the "Online Open House."

Recycling Info

Marion County is hitting the reset button on its popular curbside recycling program. This means residents won’t be able to recycle some plastics and other items after March 5. The reset is due to the global recycling crisis caused by China’s crackdown on imported recyclable materials.

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