Chief Ferraris on DACA

DACA Decision

The recent decision by the federal government to end DACA causes me to once again reflect on the relationship between our immigrant communities and local law enforcement.

As I am out and about in the greater Woodburn community, I hear of continued confusion, fear and mistrust of government among immigrant communities. Click here to read the entire article.

Rail Safety Week

Sept. 24-29

Did you know that in 2016 at least 1000 people were killed or injured in vehicle versus train collisions?  Did you know over 900 people were killed while walking on or near the tracks?  

For more information, click here.

Water Quality Report

Delivering a high standard of drinking water to our customers is a goal of the City of Woodburn. Federal law (Safe Drinking Water Act) sets the standards for public drinking water suppliers. The City of Woodburn consistently goes beyond the minimum requirements and exceeds all benchmarks.

Not only does the City provide safe water, but water that is dependable and tastes good. Detailed information about your drinking water including sources, treatment processes, testing procedures and compliance with regulatory standards can be found in our annual water quality report. The 2016 report is available online here.

Anyone would would like a hard copy of the report can contact Peggy Kingman at 503-982-5380 or

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