Parks and Facilities Maintenance

The City of Woodburn occupies over 230,000 square feet of buildings and has over 110 acres of grounds and park facilities.  These community assets are maintained by the Parks & Facilities Maintenance Division, which consists of 7 (seven) full time City employees.  City staff is augmented with seasonal part-time staff and commercial contracts to keep our buildings and grounds safe, clean, and attractive.

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is responsible for cleaning and maintaining all City of Woodburn owned facilities to ensure staff have a clean and sanitary work environment. Buildings serviced include City Hall, City Hall Annex Building, Maintenance Building, Drinking Water Building, Wastewater and Collections Building, Police Department Building, Public Library and other minor publically owned buildings. Facilities Maintenance also manages commercial maintenance contracts for electrical and mechanical building systems and also responds to building user work requests for corrective maintenance and minor improvements.  This program is responsible for providing safe, clean, and well maintained buildings to support City staff and the general public utilizing these buildings.  It consists of the Parks & Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Ron Palmer, and three (3) Parks & Facilities Maintenance Workers. 

Parks Maintenance

Parks Maintenance maintains the City park system and landscaped grounds of City buildings.   There are 17 parks in the City of Woodburn inventory; from the largest, Centennial Park, with 25 acres and multi-use Sports fields and Sport court, to the smallest, Cowan Park, with 0.2 acres patterned after an English Key Rose Garden. There are currently 40 different sites that are maintained by the Parks Maintenance, including parks, building grounds, trails, and natural areas. Eight months out of the year the section works on a rotating 7 day per week schedule.

There are 20 locations within the City’s parks and grounds inventory that require irrigation.  All grounds and parks require weed abatement and insect control through an Integrated Pesticide Management Program.  This program attempts to use natural processes to the maximum extent possible which include mulching, application of pre-emergent weed control, post-emergent weed control and hand weeding. These practices are used at all City maintained sites.   All trees, shrubs, and plants in the City maintained parks and grounds receive pruning and fertilization.   Playground inspection is carried out by City staff with certified Playground Safety credentials. On an annual basis, an estimated 120 cu. yards of engineered wood fiber, an ASTM Certified product for impact attenuation, is replaced in the Playgrounds.

Parks Maintenance also provides daily restroom cleaning, garbage removal, sports field maintenance and setup, Irrigation maintenance, mowing, playground maintenance, weed abatement, graffiti/ vandalism removal, and special event support.   The entire staff takes pride in beautifying the City's Parks and Grounds. It consists of the Parks & Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Ron Palmer, and three (3) Parks & Facilities Maintenance Workers.

If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact the Parks & Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Ron Palmer, at 503-982-5267 or via email at or Linda Major, Clerk III, at 503-982-5240 or via email at