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K-9 Units Integral Part Of Police Force

On Aug. 26 officers from the Woodburn Police Department were dispatched to a trespass in a home on Hardcastle Avenue. The homeowner was in the hospital and had told the subjects not to trespass at her home. However, one of the subjects showed up anyway.

Be Aware Of Increased Children Walking On Streets

The school year is upon us again — I can’t believe how fast summer flew by — and I just wanted to remind the public that our police officers will be out patrolling schools zones beginning next week, and fines are doubled if you are caught speeding through those zones.

Transit Facility Nearing Completion

The new Woodburn Memorial Transit Facility is nearly complete and it is great to see it already getting used as much as it is. The transit facility was planned as a forward-looking endeavor and we will see even greater use in the future. Constructing that facility is what kicked off the entire I-5 Interchange Project. The electric vehicle charging station is in, all the lighting is in and just this week the “Welcome to Woodburn” sign was installed. The Police Memorial will be moved over later this fall, but the concrete and pedestal have already been installed.

Woodburn's Public Library Is A Special Place

I hope the people in Woodburn realize what a gem we have in Downtown Woodburn — the Woodburn Public Library. I have worked all around the state, and have been to many public libraries and Woodburn’s is by far one of the best.

City of Woodburn Preparing for Poplar Harvest

Have you ever wondered why the City has Poplar trees around our Wastewater Treatment Facility? The Poplar plantation has allowed the City to meet compliance limits based on the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit issued by the Department of Environmental Quality for both flow and ammonia.

National Night Out Is Truly A Community Event

The Woodburn Police Department, along with the National Association of Town Watch, is encouraging residents and businesses to take part in National Night Out on Aug. 5 from 6-9 p.m.

Woodburn Is Fortunate To Have Highly-Trained Officers

There are times when bad things happen, and during those times things take a turn for the worse. It is when those situations arise that our community is fortunate to have a highly professional Tactical Services Unit (TSU) and Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU).

Urban Renewal Agency amends grant and loan program to allow up to $50,000 in matching grants

On July 14, 2014, the Urban Renewal Agency Board approved a resolution to amend the Urban Renewal Grant and Loan Program, to provide $10,000 to $50,000 matching grants for large scale renovation projects.

City is restricted on how it spends its money

July 1 was the start of the City’s new fiscal year. Often, with the start of the new budget year, I get questions about the City’s money, where it goes and why can’t we “just fix” certain things. In past blogs, I have covered how the budget works, the role of the City Council and Citizen Budget Committee, and how dedicated funds and Woodburn’s General Fund works.

Fiesta Court has a longstanding tradition in Woodburn

The City of Woodburn has partnered with the Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce on the Fiesta Mexicana for several years after the City handed the planning over to Chamber four years ago. I have long felt the Fiesta is important to this community for a variety of reasons, but mainly, it is great for the entire family. The City, along with the Chamber, has worked extremely hard to make this event safe and fun for families of all ages.


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