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Catching The Estates culprits a high priority

Recently, Sharon Shaub, The Estates Golf & Country Club Manager, met with myself, Police Chief Scott Russell and Mayor Kathy Figley to talk about how The Estates can improve security and how the City can better partner with residents in an effort to prevent crimes, like the recent graffiti and vandalism sprees. These quality of life crimes may seem minor to some, but they have a huge impact on their victims not only in terms of monetary impacts, but a sense of security in their own homes. It is frustrating and maddening that such thoughtless behavior occurs in our town. We are working hard at finding and holding those individuals responsible for their conduct.

Budgeting made simple

Woodburn’s City Budget is an important annual undertaking that, while not always the most interesting or attention-grabbing issue involving the City, is still of critical importance to the community. This past week I have been working on my FY 2014/15 Budget Message. The full message will be available for community review in upcoming weeks. Overall, I’m hopeful that the improving economy is stabilizing what has been a declining General Fund revenue picture for the City and the City’s programmatic position will be improving slightly as well. However, you will have to wait for the full message to see all the details.

Woodburn City Attorney files petition with Oregon Supreme Court on UGB case

By Bob Shields, Woodburn City Attorney

Last week, at the direction of the Woodburn City Council, I filed a petition in the Oregon Supreme Court for review of the recent court ruling in Woodburn’s long-running urban growth boundary (UGB) expansion case. 

Being a public servant is a high calling

Whenever I get the chance, I really enjoy talking to young people about careers in public service, including the rewards and challenges that typically come with the territory. When talking to people about public service, I often field questions about politics, making decisions and working in a transparent “fish bowl” of local governments and the always changing dynamics of our communities.  So when a student recently asked me why I care so much about local government, I really took the time to think about how I arrived at my current station in life and why I’m so blessed to be doing the work that I love.

Naming of new street, transit center a well thought out process

By Kathy Figley

Woodburn Mayor


If you’ve been driving along Highway 214 east of the interchange, you’ve noticed that our transit and park and ride facility is nearly complete. Shelters and Electric Vehicle charging stations are the next steps and will be happening soon. While it won’t be in full use until the full interchange is closer to final completion, it’s already an active stop for the Amtrak bus and a number of carpoolers.

City Council to name Transit Center, new street at March 24 meeting

The Woodburn City Council has a unique responsibility before them, one that doesn’t come along very often — naming a new street and the new Transit Center.

When schools go into lockdown, don't call 911 to get info

I have received a few questions about the recent school “Lockdown” that occurred this week. Here’s a little bit about what happened.

Legion Park Project Designed to be Highly Sustainable

The City of Woodburn is dedicated to ensuring that its capital improvement projects are developed in a sustainable manner. This involves a making a commitment to integrating the environmental, economic, and social practices that will increase the community’s quality of life, while promoting responsible management of resources. This concept has been an overriding theme throughout the design phase of the Legion Park Rehabilitation project, which is set to hit full speed later this summer.

Council to take action on Marijuana dispensaries

On Aug. 14, 2013 Governor Kitzhaber signed House Bill 3460 into law. This new law allows medical marijuana dispensaries to open throughout Oregon under certain restrictions in commercial and agricultural zones, as well as directing the Oregon Health Authority to develop rules to regulate and permit dispensaries.

Our readers will recall that last November, the Woodburn City Council reviewed a staff report and information packet on the evolving issue of medical marijuana dispensaries. You can see the full November staff report and packet here.

Ordinance Review/ Revision Project important to residents

An ordinance is equivalent to a local law, which is passed by the City Council per the process outlined in the Woodburn City Charter.  Since Woodburn’s incorporation in 1889, our City Councils have been governing the City through the use of ordinances. Ordinances regulate many aspects of our community ranging from land use and controlling the size of building signs to the number of chickens you can own and the height of your lawn grass.  And as you might imagine, since Woodburn’s 1889 incorporation, there are a lot of ordinances accumulated the books. 


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