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What is an audit – and why should you care?


Although budgets and finances aren’t always the most exciting topic to write about, they are among the most important responsibilities we have in City Hall. During the City Council’s Nov. 25 meeting, our independent auditor presented the current audit to the council and commended the City in the manner in which we administer the City’s financial management system.

Medical marijuana dispensaries will be opening soon in Oregon

On Aug. 14, 2013 Governor Kitzhaber signed HB 3460 into law. The bill allows medical marijuana dispensaries to open throughout Oregon under certain restrictions in commercial and agricultural zones and directs the Oregon Health Authority to develop rules to regulate such dispensaries. Recently, a report on the topic was given to the City Council.

Mayor Figley reflects on Veterans Day, Woodburn Armory

Mayor Kathy Figley wrote a guest blog this week on Veterans Day, as well as touching on the vast history of the Woodburn Armory.

This past Monday I had the privilege of addressing a group of veterans at Belle Passi Mausoleum and I was reminded of Woodburn’s rich military history.

Veterans Day is a national holiday we celebrate each Nov. 11 to honor all of our veterans whether active, reserve, retired or passed away. It is a holiday that means a lot to me, personally, too, with the Woodburn Armory right here in our town.

Woodburn's mayoral history

Very few people know a lot about Woodburn’s mayoral history.  Interestingly, between 1890 and 1895, the citizens of Woodburn did not directly elect a Mayor.  Rather, the mayor was appointed on an annual basis by a five-member City Council.

Can I cut down a tree?

Can I cut down a tree?

If you have a tree that you want to remove, here are three easy steps to doing it in accordance with City ordinances:

Insurance covered wading pool damages

In a couple of instances last summer, a malfunction of the Woodburn Aquatic Center’s chemical treatment system resulted in the over-discharge of muriatic acid into the wading pool. Muriatic acid is commonly used to maintain proper pH levels in swimming pools, however excessively high levels can produce noxious fumes and damage to the pool’s surface. Unfortunately, the low pH condition we experienced did, in fact, damage the wading pool’s plaster surface.

Being a good neighbor — shared IT Services

In the most recent "Local Focus," which is published by the League of Oregon Cities, there were a lot of stories about cities throughout the state sharing services. Woodburn is one of those cities. We share our IT/IS services with surrounding agencies who find it a good value and more cost-effective than doing it internally. What this arrangement accomplishes is more efficient government with less duplication. 

Supplemental budget to go before Council on Oct. 28

The budget is our best estimate of what the future is likely to hold, but undoubtedly, routine changes are needed over the course of the year. In fact, when the budget is adopted in June, some of the data is already several months old.

Consequently, Oregon Budget Law provides for changes to adopted budgets through a supplemental budget process that requires that the City provide public notice of the proposed changes and, if the change is greater than 10 percent of any funds total expenditures, hold a public hearing to discuss the proposed changes.

Recreation and Parks Manager Receives New Professional of the Year Award


Recreation and Parks Manager Receives New Professional of the Year Award

Plenty to keep Public Works Department busy

I thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on some of the efforts our Public Works Department is working on. In addition to keeping our drinking water safe, our wastewater flowing and streets clear, there are a lot of other projects our Public Works Department is pursuing.


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